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To the BUYER/ BUYER MANDATE... ISSUE DATE . April 11, 2018  (Good for 3 months)

We Are (Alan Fryer) the Undersigned Representative To Refineries In Russia Federation Hereby Issue This Soft Corporate Offer With Full Power And Authority With Given Terms And Conditions And Confirm Our Readiness To Supply The Following Commodity According To The Terms And Conditions Stipulated In this Soft Corporate Offer.

Product:    Jet Fuel JP54 COLONIAL GRADE 
Origin:       Large Capacity Refinery
Delivery Terms: FOB Rotterdam/Houston
Quanity:     Minimum 1,000,000 bbls X 12 Month Contract to
                    maximum 10,000,000 Barrels.
​Unit Price: USD$ 31 Net /USD$ 35 Gross.
Payment:    100% payment by MT103TT wire transfer for the total product
Validity:      On going bases - once paperwork accepted put into queue.
Commission: USD$ 2 Seller Side / USD$ 2 Buyer Side.


1. Buyer Issues Icpo Along With Buyer’s Company Certificate Of Registration. 

2. Seller Issues Commercial Invoice (C.I) And Sales & Purchase Agreement (S.P.A) To Buyer, Buyer Signs And Returns. 

3. Seller Provides To Buyer The Below PPOP Documents Via Email:

     A. Certificate Of Incorporation 
     B. Commitment To Supply The Products. 
     C. Dip Test Authorization (D.T.A). 
     D. Products Certificate Of Origin. 
     E. Authorization To Verify (A.T.V). 
     F. Product Passport Q&Q (Analytical Report In Seller’s Tank). 

4. Buyer Contacts The Tank Farm Operator Company Where The Products Are Stored With The Dta &Atv And Schedules Appointment For Dip Test, And Buyer Obtains The Clearance Access Permit (Cap) And Required Accreditation For Buyer’s Representatives & Inspection Team To Physically Visit The/Tank Storage Company's And Perform Dip Test On The Stored Product In Seller’s Rented/Leased Ex- Shored Tanks In Rotterdam/Houston. 

5. Seller Issues And Sends To Buyer The Authorization To Sell (Ats), Change Of Ownership Title & Allocation And Transaction Allocation Certificate, Buyer Confirms The Q&Q Of The Product In The Storage Tanks And Seller Injects The Product Into Buyer's Exit Tank/Vessel. Buyer Makes Payment By Mt103 Or Tt Wire Transfer For The Total Product Available, Seller Release To The Buyer All Relevant Documents Relating To The Exportation Of The Product. 


Offical Mandates are entitled to the following:

1  Priority for all your customers,
2  Price negotiations for larger quantities,

If pricing and procedures are acceptable please endorse SCO and return with ICPO:

1  LOI/ICPO/PO should be made out to "ALAN FRYER". with REF Number AAF2
2  Looking forward to do business with you, have a long lasting relationship with your company and close more                 transactions in the nearest future.
3  Anticipating your Irrevocable Purchase Order

* ICPO/PO will be addressed to the ALAN FRYER only and can be sent directly to any address below or to the site standard E-mail address (Via MoBiz Marketing Group, LLC).

Alan Fryer
Salida, California 95368
Phone : 1 (209) 575-1949
Cell:      1 (209) 404-8872
Skype: +1 209-404-8872

and /or

Curt Mitchener
Skype: Curt43

** Date of Validity of the SCO is 3 months as of 11 April 2018

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