Iron Ore
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COMMODITY    Iron Ore, Fe 64.5% - Rej. 63.5%

ORIGIN      Brazil

QUANTITY TOTAL          480.000 MT to 2,400,000 MT Year (+/- 5%) with Extensions

QUANTITY MONTHLY   40.000 to 200,000 MT x 12 Month

VESSEL DIMENSION    Maximum 300,000MT

PRICE $USD CIF your Port (from Brazil)

PAYMENT  Seller will ***ONLY*** take ARDLC -  Automatice Revolving Documentary Letter                                               of Credit, Transferable, Irrevocable, Divisible, Confirmed or Issued by Top 25                                                     Prime Banks payable 100% at sight upon presentation of relevant POP, SGS                                                   Inspection and shipping documents.

INSPECTION     “S.G.S” at Seller’s expense at loading port.

PB  2%

Validity: 10 days.

Photos of recent shipment done will be sent along with the Contract.

My partner is direct to the Seller.Owners and will only deal with Buyer, Buyer's Mandate or Mandate Agent directly

We require confirmation of the order with end buyer/importer´s LOI.

We now have a special soft offer with the payment terms, procedures and specifications.

The offer is for 25,000 MT X 12 months,.

The iron ore is from CHILE.

Request you order now and we will send you quote and payment terms.
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